Our Physical Therapy Services

Free Consultations

We offer free screenings to determine course of action by our experienced physical therapists. Come in and we will help you to your path of wellness.

Manual Therapy

Our fellowship trained therapist are trained in manual therapy techniques to help reduce pain and most important facilitate proper function of the restricted joints involved in your injury.

Athletic Screenings

Athletes young and old can come in for a free screening to determine injury and course of care. Our close affiliation with sports medicine doctors in our facility, makes us the best team care an athlete can have to get back to their sport.

FCE/Work Conditioning

Our expert professional industrial medicine team provide functional capacity evaluations for injured workers to determine level of disability and allows us to provide a customized work conditioning program to get you back to work safely.

Pain Management Consultation

We are experts in pain care without opioids with dosed exercises for pain management using pain inhibition techniques and behavior health intervention.

Work Site Assessments

Our Occupational specialists includes physical therapists and athletic trainers offer job coaching and biomechanics to prevent injuries. Our pre-stretching program is vital to injury prevention at work.

Return to Work/Fit for Duty

Our advanced metrics from our evaluation and functional capacity assessment and exercise based rehab program helps us determine your ability to return to work.

Structured Therapy Exercises

Our skilled therapist determine your specific exercise program based on the advanced differential assessment performed on you. There is no cookie-cutter way to get you back to your life with Relive Physical Therapy.

Therapeutic Modalities

When needed, we provide modalities for pain and muscle re-education including electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and Russian stimulation for muscle retraining in conjunction with an exercised based rehab program.

Wellness/Nutrition Consultations

We offer consults with our registered dietitians and rehab specialist offer customized nutrition program combined with exercised based on your health score.

Dry Needling

We offer dry needling for use without meds for pain control and movement impairment.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Our specialized therapists offer exercised based program to improve balance and problems associated with dizziness.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Our therapists work closely with our physicians and design the protocols within healing restraints allowing us to advance your rehab safely through the acute phase of care to higher function.

Balance and Fall Prevention

The number 1 cause of death in the elderly is falling. Our number 1 mission for your care is fall prevention and balance training to allow you to navigate with your life. Come in for a free assessment to determine your balance and safety.
We offer highly specialized treatments

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