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Work Injury Therapy

Work Injury Therapy

When you are injured on the job, it’s essential to start your claim and then focus on getting better and back to work. The team at ReLive Physical Therapy is committed to providing comprehensive evaluations, developing effective treatment plans, and directing you through your treatment. We are by your side every step of the way.

Request your appointment today. We have flexible and convenient hours to serve your needs. Our worker’s compensation services include Physical Therapy, Work Conditioning and Hardening, and Functional Capacity Evaluations.

Work Injury and Workers’ Compensation Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is one of the best ways to manage your work injury. Here at ReLive Physical Therapy, we spend our days supporting our clients, coordinating care, and providing personalized treatments to get injured workers back to work.

Work Hardening

Our highly structured work hardening program helps our patients get back to pre-injury work performance safely. The program concentrates on musculoskeletal exercises, functional activities, and work performance. A multi-disciplinary team applies strengthening and flexibility exercise, cardio conditioning, spine, and joint stabilization, and training specific to the patient’s work role.

Work Conditioning

Our comprehensive work conditioning program is concerned with the total body. Using work simulation to work through the movement required with the patient’s job, the team works to safely get the patient back to work. Activities and treatments include body mechanics, pain management, and nutrition.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

Using a Functional Capacity Evaluation, or FCE, we measure your physical capabilities. With the FCE in hand, we can decide the activity appropriate for you and the probability of your returning to work safely. Using peer-reviewed evaluation tools and methods, we assess and gather information on the reliability of physical effort and pain reports and safe levels of functional capacity.

Our results are reliable, having been reached using fair, accurate, and objective data. With an FCE, our team can decide occupational rehab methods, and employers can better understand changes needed in the workload or environment of the employee.

ReLive Physical Therapists

ReLive Physical Therapists are a highly skilled team specializing in workers’ compensation therapy. Experts in work conditioning, they receive advanced training and additional certifications beyond traditional training. They are experienced and provide a high standard of care to each patient.

Industrial Training Gym

We are happy to welcome our Bloomingdale Workers’ Compensation patients to visit our new Industrial Training Gym.

The ReLive Physical Therapy Process

Your initial appointment will include a consultation with a ReLive Physical Therapist to discuss your injury and symptoms. They will then evaluate your strength and range of motion. Your physical therapist will then develop a treatment plan to help lessen your pain, strengthen your body, and return you to work as soon as possible.

Starting with a personalized treatment and movement program, the physical therapy will transition to a work conditioning and strengthening program to prepare you to return to work.

Work accidents happen, leading to pain and life disruption. ReLive Physical Therapy can help you overcome these issues and fully return to your life. Our patient-first approach and individualized treatment plans help us provide effective treatment and help you understand your journey and reach your rehabilitation goals.

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