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mission statement

Our company’s success, which is characterized by compassion and clinical excellence, has been founded with over 30 years of experience on our dedication to our patients and emphasis on superior evidenced based care. By providing services  with our goal of 1 patient at a time satisfied, ReLive Physical Therapy strives to be the preferred provider of outpatient physical therapy for the communities we serve. 


We care about our patients and are committed to maintaining patient satisfaction through services with over a 95 % satisfaction with our discharged patients. Our loyalty program brings us new referrals because of the trust and integrity we have delivered to our satisfied patients and referrals from medical professionals. A supportive team environment and patient education are critical in our efforts to ensure efficient and effective treatment and results. 

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We offer highly specialized treatments

our Vision

Strength & stamina

 Our programs are designed to get you back to higher than your previous function. Each exercise is designed through scientific dosing of your exercise tolerance that can vary from day to day. By involving the patient in the process, the compliance is greater resulting in better outcomes for our patients.

Flexibility postures

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our comprehensive training   These postures are gears to make your body more flexible for improved return to life function.

achieving your goals

Getting you to your ultimate achievable goals with supervised  challenges from our professionals give you the best chance to achieve what was once not achievable 


We offer highly specialized treatments